Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Shoes; Which ones to wear?

So for New Years I'm going to a dress up party. My costume is all sorted but I will need to get changed to go out to the pub afterwards. I present y'all with 2 shoes to pick for me :) haha & the pros and cons :P Plz ignore my feet & shoes ha I took these straight after a stinkin hot day at work so ignore them but dont ignore the shoes!
 Glittery Gold Peep Toe Pumps
-Pros: Comfortable on the soles of my feet
-Totes appropriate for new years!
-So damn pretty haha

Cons: Glitter will fall off! Do not want. (I have been spraying with hair spray however-  & I'm thinkin that its working.)
-Kinda uncomfortable around the heel where it rubs on my feet- may need bandaids
-toes will hurt after a while

Black Suede Wedges with Ankle Strap (its ok that the sides pop out)
-Pros: Wedges are super comfy to wear all night without hurting your feet.
-I love these ones too! ha
-Easier to walk in without worrying about tripping

Cons: Ankle strap may get annoying (they are on super tight here anyways)
-Feels like I'm rolling as I'm walking in them
-Don't want to ruin the suede!

Anyways you don't need to go by the pros/ cons just the look of them if you like, I am already wearing the wedges with my costume anyway so maybe I could bring the other ones into just in case?

Thanks everyone, Happy New Years!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Futuristic Cut Crease?

Woohoo I can finally honestly say I was happy with how this look turned out! I would definitely do this look again for clubbing or maybe even new years, I would probably add some glitter & it would be good to go. Also I think it this goes with any outfit.

So I was inspired by this tutorial, & I thought it would be harder to get my eyes even but I got it fairly quickly. It doesn't matter if it is not perfect anyway because as they say "eye's are sisters not twins."

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Look

To be honest, I wish I was more excited about Christmas. I guess it's not the same when your all growned up :( haha :P

So I did this look inspired by this blogger here. Mine wasn't meant to be christmassy but I decided that it can be since I haven't done a festive look yet. However It's a copy more than an inspiration because I didn't want to change a thing.& I got compliments at work so I was happy with that :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Battle of the Eyelash Curlers

In this haul post here you will see that I finally bought a new eyelash curler. I had my old one for a couple of years now & it was time for a new one since I never really liked that one haha. It dug into the corner of my eyes, leaving marks in my eyeshadow that I had to fix. Soo annoying haha.
I wanted to do a quick review/ comparison of them both which I hope will be helpful to somebody, even if they are random brands haha.
L-R: Models Prefer, Elite Professional.
The one on the left is my new one & the one on the left is (obviously, ha) my old eyelash curler. You can see that the MP is longer but not as chunky, which I think would be better to fit in a smaller makeup bag since it wouldn't take up as much room, if you get what I mean.
Sorry for the Elite one for being so gross! I had replaced the pads on it a little while ago after I finally found some hiding, so before that it was even worse.
Can you see how the EP one is more curved & shorter on the curler part than MP which is longer & less curved so it fits around my eye better, & gets all of my eyelashes in unlike EP. I hope that you can see what I mean & that I don't sound like a crazy person, haha.
*excuse the naked brows & unfinished eye makeup*
Maybe you can see it here, how much better the MP curler (on the right) fits my eye & doesn't dig in- although it kinda looks like it is, it isn't. It was awkward to take these pics btw haha
I added a mascara primer so you could see my eyelashes, I held them both on for about 15 seconds, & the MP curled my lashes a lot more especially the ones on the outside.

So I have to say that I quite like the Model's Prefer eyelash curler, but since I have not tried any popular brands like the E.L.F one which is meant to be good (I imagine it being like the MP one) or the oh-so-famous Shu Umera Eyelash curler I cannot compare it to them, but I hope that I can help somebody :)

EDIT: I made this post a few days ago & I have to add: don't squeeze too hard when curling!! It snapped on my eye lashes and is now broken :( :( Ohwell, I guess I will have to try the E.L.F curler!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Schmoking FOTN Pic Heavy + Nails

The other night I wanted to do something dramatic & smokey for going out for my mans work christmas dinner & then to hit the nighty afterwards. Of course I wanted to use this Bourjois eyehshadow which for some reason looks green... maybe it is because I don't think its quite black... hahah. It doesn't look green in swatches but maybe the JEP changed the colour of it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Move over Bio Oil...

..Because i've moved on to Rose Hip Oil. I know I know, its old news, & I'm sure many of you have heard of or even use it, but I had been using Bio Oil for quite some time, so when I ran out of my 2nd bottle I wanted to try something different. I'm loving it & just wanted to share my thoughts on it.
As you probably know, my skin is dry/dehydrated with scars. When I wash my skin it can feel tight & gross but when I apply this, it feels greasy at first but as it sinks in it feels lovely. If you have oily skin it may feel too greasy so don't go overboard.
I have been using this for about 4 weeks & can notice an improvement with the leftover scars from my peel & the texture of my skin feels nicer. You can also use it on your body if you want to. I only use it in the morning before moisturizing but you can use it day & night, especially if you have bad scarring. & you will want to apply it some time before doing your makeup so it would have sunk in.
I love the bottle of this particular brand! As you can see it has a little drop thingy on it so you can measure the amount you need which is much better than pouring way too much into your hand. I guess it depends on the type of brand you get, the bottles wont all be the same.
The bottle says to use 2-3 drops but I usually only do 1-2 because it spreads really easily. I put a drop on my fingers & then rub them together to warm it up then apply using a circling motion with my fingers & massage it over my face.

I totally recommend using Rose Hip Oil for scarring, stretch marks, rosacea & even if your skin has no particular issues, just because it feels so nice! I will continue to use it because it gives my skin the extra boost it needs.

Product: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Quality 5/5
Price: Around $18(15ml)  but it depends on the size & where you purchase it from.

thank you for reading & I hope its useful for someone!

Oh I just wanted to mention a giveaway that Starryskies is holding... it closes on the 19th of December ( I left it a bit late to post this but there's still time! )
click the picture to enter :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Go insane, throw some glitter make it rain

I couldn't help the title lol, a couple of weeks ago we went to a festival that had bands & DJ's including Avicii, LMFAO (my fave! they were awesome haha), Bloody Beetroots, Pnau & many more.
I wasn't sure how I wanted to do my makeup but I wanted it to be more festival-like so at the last minute I threw in some glitter & felt like Ke$ha haha. Too bad it kinda looks like dirt from afar. I actually had a spray tan done a few days before, I will post those FOTDS later but here it is quite natural, just the way I like it.

that stray eyebrow hair will be the death of me ahah

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Makeup & Hair Essentials Haul + more :)

When going to Perth for a weekend, one thing is guaranteed: Shopping! Since I don't get to do it too often I take advantage, and it had been a good 6 months since we last went up haha. I have named this my makeup essential haul since most of the makeup i bought is what I call "practical"- no fun eyeshadow's & lipsticks, but things I need. haha if you get what I mean.

I got all of this from Priceline. They have a huge section of this makeup brand called Models Prefer & I liked the look of their stuff & tested it a bit. Its reasonably priced too.
1: Models Prefer eyelash curler. I needed a new one badly, my other one didn't seem to fit the shape of my eye properly but this does. Review to come soon. I think I may just chuck all of the same brand into one big review lol.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Summer Trend: Colour Blocking. Plus my very own vid!

In almost every magazine I have read since the end of winter, Colour Blocking has had to be the biggest trend by far. Whether its in the form of clothing or accesories or makeup, the use of bold bright colours in block form is totally gorgeous!
Here I was inspired by this look by this gorgeous blogger
(please note she now has a new blog which is here)
Ok so my look is more than inspired.. .I love the contrasting colours she chose so I wanted to keep them :) I think any colours would look good together, and it doesn't really matter if they clash or not!

just a litte bit of editing.. haha
Milk JEP
Red- 120 palette
Orange- Madd Minerals Drop Dead Fred to blend red
Blue- Madd Minerals in Mega Beast
Maybelline Line Allure Eyeliner

Nyx Peach for cheeks?
Nyx Summer Love L/S

So I have finally gotten my verryy own laptop, yay :) I wanted to make my first ever video for you guys.. eeep
I know I wouldn't have thought of the idea myself, but I thought it would be interesting to hear how eveyone else sounds, so If you feel confident making a video then do so :) I mean, If I can post my ultra dorky, embarassing video I think that you could easily post one ;)
.. Haha, even if nobody decides to post a video, or if you already have youtube videos (link me!)I don't mind I just waned to post this video so you will be able to hear my Aussie Accent... even though I didn't think I had one before, I def. sound aussie here haha

Much love & kisses
xxx ashii

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Neutral with a kick

Firstly a hello & thank you to the new followers!!
Haha I'm so lazy.. I have to edit my pictures all at once, & by then I may as well just post them all together. Its a lot easier haha :) Again they are neutrals, I haven't been too inspired with colour lately except for a few looks now & then. On to the pics!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

New hair + Ice Queen FOTD

My hair was in desperate need of a colour, I liked the colour that I had before but I've had red in my hair for so long that I wanted to go more violet-y. & it still has some red in it so I like that :D
These pics were taken the day after so I made sure that I slept on my hair nicely haha. & to go with my new hair I wanted to do a more "special" look so yet again I tried a cut crease look (again haha) which I thought I had better try to name.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Summer Fresh Makeup

Just some more pictures with the same FOTD from my foundation tutorial...
When I was doing it I had more of a Victoria's Secret look in mind as I had just watched Transformers 3 the night before (major girl crush on Rosie & her hair & make up!) but in the end I think I strayed from the inspiration- oh well, I still like it & I think I may do this in summer when its too hot 2 do anything else because its quick & easy- minus the winged eyeliner, I think I might skip that.

Monday, November 14, 2011

My Foundation Routine (Pic Heavy)

So although my foundation routine has changed plenty of times over the years I am quite pleased with how I do it now, but I hope that I continue to improve it :)
So I think the title explains it all, lets get to it ;). Product list/ pictures are at the end

 Apply your primer! Beware the naked skin. You will see that I have blemishes to cover up, you can't really see the extent of the scarring though.

Monday, November 7, 2011

A few different FOTD's + Nails

Hey guys, just a compilation of looks again.... nothing too exciting but since I took the pics I may as well post lol. Please excuse the oh so creative names of the looks. Its too hard to name them!!!
~Tropical Blues~
Just a bright blue look using colours from the 120 palette. Not a look I liked with my eyes closed but oh wells.

Monday, October 31, 2011

How to curl your hair with little to no heat

I wasn't thinking of taking pics & making this into a tutorial when I started doing it so the pictures aren't that informative but its ok & simple to follow. This is using bendy hair rollers. If you do not need to use heat & you have enough rollers you can go to bed with them in your hair & when you take it out in the morning you will have beautiful curls.
What you need:
 Bendy Rollers, some hair clips, bobby pins, sectioning comb.
Products I used in my hair: PPS the ends (cuticle sealer applied after I washed my hair) Heat protector (obviously only if you use heat) Herbal Essences Tousle me Softly spray gel, Moroccan Oil for afterwards.If your hair does not hold curl very well you may want to use a curling cream.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dramatic Hot Pink & Black Cut Crease-ish

Last Friday night was our local show. The show is pretty much a 2 day carnival with fireworks on the Friday night, rides & sideshow alley & stalls but because it is actually an agricultural show, there are also a lot of things like shearing, wood chopping, caravan displays, Ute competitions etc there is really something for everyone.
Our town is pretty small so they only had about 4 rides- including everyone's favourite the bumper cars hehe. I went on Friday night with DF & met up with some friends for the rides & the "beer tent" & went on Saturday afternoon to have a look at the stalls.

That night I wanted to do something with my makeup that would stand out which I can safely say that I think it did since I didn't see anyone else with makeup on that stood out, ha ha. That's what I keep an eye out for :P

Click to see the pics better- BTW I am loving bloggers new way to view photos- very much like facebook but so much better

Friday, October 21, 2011

Feelin' Beachy... Pic Heavy

Yayy its getting warmer! I guess I was inspired by the beach although I had no idea what I was doing when I started this. & the 2-toned lip was something a bit different but i like how it looked.
I don't know why but I felt like with this look I needed to fluff up my hair (which I did, then realized it was waay too big & fluffy in most pics) & take heapps of pics.. it was so hard to choose just these ones haha.
Sorry the pics are quite small... feel free to click on them to make them larger.
Thanks for looking! <3

Monday, October 17, 2011

Something different... Clubbing FOTN

Firstly, who here watches Australia's next top model!? Probably no one haha, but I am soo happy of the final 3 & I think i will vote for my favourite a hundred times hehe.
Anyway, here is just another run of the mill (did I say that right lol) clubbing look, complete with contouring which I have not done in foreverrr. Excuse the daggy singlet, I did not get any pics in my outfit for that night but oh well. Products after pics! Thanks for looking lovelies =)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Liebster Blog Award :)

Firstly a big thank you to OohLaLashes for this blog award, which recognizes blogs with followers under 200 who deserve more!
 I was very grateful to receive this award from her, as I have had my blog for over a year now but find its hard to pick up more followers at a higher rate, but I can only blame myself for not posting as consistently as what I would like.

So by nominating 5 fellow bloggers we can help get their names out there, especially when they derserve to have more followers!

My nominations in no order:

A Cacophony of Colors

Shameless- Fripperies



Recently Bought Items

Ughh guys, I am so sorry for being so boring lately. :(
I don't have much time to do my makeup too exciting lately let alone take pics... I also haven't bought too much stuff lately.. but here's some things I have bought over the last 2 months

Friday, October 7, 2011

Rock Chick Glam FOTN + OOTN + Nails

 On the weekend my friend came down & it had been a while since I had seen her, so we planned a night of drinking & dancing.
I had been wanting to do just a full on smokey eye look for a while now but didn't have anywhere to wear it, and didn't want to wear it during the day haha. I added some glitter under the lower lashline & falsies to make it look more "glam". It was also meant to be more black then silver but I used slate JEP when I should have used black bean.
Something is missing... can you spot it lol

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Brigitte Bardot take 2; Day to Night look.

 Every now & then I check my stats & the one post that is always up the top is this Brigitte Bardot inspired makeup look I did a while back, although I cringe now but I feel that I have improved a lot, especially with my skin. :).


My hair looking lush, with a bit of help.
On the eyes I used Nyx chrome white pearl e/s with a bit of Stila Kitten all over the lid with Satin Taupe in the crease for definition & blended out with a lighter brown.
Eyeliner is Maybelline Eye studio liquid e/l (I think thats the name), however I dun goofed it up :(
Cheeks are looking like NYX pinky blush & lips are a mixture of Revlon Nude Attitude & CG lip perfection in kiss (love this combo! Revlon NA helps take out some of the frostiness of kiss)

Only just a few more pageview's for all time. haha

Had a party to go to & I had the worst time getting ready (burnt cheek while doing my hair, lots of frustration) but after all that trouble we didn't even stay for long. Ohwells.

Got my bitch face on. Whoops! I did my hair in a rush so it looks like crap.
So I prettymuch intensified the eyeliner with some of Fyrinnaes Immortal E/S, a gorgeous black glitter which reflects different colours. Its a bit hard to tell with these pics though. I used NYX black bean JEP on the lower lash line, & I used tape this time to get a sharper edge since I brought it out more & obviously used falsies. I used the same ones as I did with my first BB look (sadly, this was their last look with them, they died after I tried to look after them :( )
On my cheeks looks like NYX peach & Lips are NYX soft matte lip cream in Tokyo. Which made my lips look painfully dry in this look.

SO I know it is pretty much exactly the same as my first look but its a look I won't get sick of coz I think its super sexy.