Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wearable Rainbow FOTD

Helloo everyone, this is a look i did the other day inspired by makeupgeek tv... hope you like! with some bonus photos.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Eyeshadow on the lips, not on the hips.

soo the other sunday i was so bored & i didn't feel like doing my eyes up 'coz then i would feel the need for foundation. & i wasn't actually planning on leaving the house anyway so i thought that since i never really play with lipstick, why not! I wanted to try some things that were different for me, so i used eyeshadow.

Now I've tried to use eyeshadow before but it made my lips feel dry something cruel, so i made sure i put on lip balm beforehand. Another thing i never thought to try was to use a lipstick as a base, just like using a colour base on the eyes to bring out the colours. well it worked perfectly! it made the colours apply soo much more easily & i was very happy with the results.

For these i used the 120 palette but no lip liner so sorry for some of the bleeding.  also with the first one i tried to make my lip shape look a bit different but it didn't show up well in pictures.

top pics are with flash, bottom are natural light

It was too bad that you couldn't see the darker colours on the outside (i wanted a gradient-like effect) but it was weird how with the orange i had red but you cannot see it at all. And over the top of these i applied clear gloss carefully with a lip brush to avoid the colours mixing in together.

Thanks for reading, i think i will definitely be playing with different lip colours this summer!
x ashii

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quick Tip # 2: Washing your hair

Washing your hair is something you don't really think about, you just do it, but I have learnt recently that there is a proper way to wash your hair & it does make sense (to me), so I'm going to share with you & if you have anything you'd like to add/correct, leave a comment & I'll add it in!

The scalp is where most of the dirt and oil is, and because your hair is technically dead you don't need to use shampoo for the shafts. So apply your shampoo evenly over your scalp and scrub,  while letting the shampoo run down to the rest of the hair so it cleans that as well without you needing to rub your hair.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Hairs Best Friend: Moroccan Oil Review

Rightio, I have been using Moroccan Oil for over a month now & let me start by saying it is amazing!! Now time for introducing my hair (lol) which is very thick & wavy, dark, medium-ish to long length & i would have to say it is in good condition. My hair is also fairly dry on the ends (gets oily on the scalp about 2 days after washing) but that's about it. It needs all the moisture it can get.

I'm not going to lie Moroccan oil is expensive, it is about AU$49.95 for 100ml, but let me just say that a little goes a loong way. Since using it, i have rarely made a dent in it; with that being said I don't use it every day, only when I wash & style my hair which is about 3x a week.
 After using it my hair is noticeably softer, less frizzier, shinier & feels moisturized! I could do with a moisturizing treatment once a week as well because my hair is *that* dry, however i think that this could also be used as a treatment, but i like it as a serum.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hens Party- Smokey Gold FOTN

Well my lovely friend had a hens night the weekend before her wedding (which I am a bridesmaid in-yay!) & the theme was masquerade/ fascinators.We had a really good night, played quite a few games before making a wedding dress out of toilet paper for the bride-to-be & going down to the pub lol! 
Onto the makeup- I was wearing a smokey gold look during the day but i didn't really need to amp it up for during the night so i pretty much left it as it was with touching up a little bit. Included are some pics of my outfit. thanks for looking!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting there...

hey guys... ok so i know my blog is still new & i still really need to add more things to it..... but i'm gettin' a bit disheartened that i don't have that many followers b u t i know it all takes time & I need to try and remember how to do things like I used to on my old blogs lol.... anyway here are some things that i have planned that will be coming soon [not in this particular order].... :)

more FOTD's
race wear/ my outfit for a hen's night
my first MAC visit :D
fave items
88 warm palette + Essence of Beauty brushes review

& more..... so please stay tuned & I'll keep checking in on your blogs to see how you're going :)


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quick Tip 1- Eyebrows.

Ok so now and then I will post some quick tips which I have learnt & I'm sure most of you know but what the hey!! 

If you don't have a brow gel, just take some hairspray onto your brow comb & run it through your eyebrows, pushing the hairs into place, which should hopefully set them there for the whole day!!

Hope that helps someone; stay tuned for more quick tips :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

First attempt at water marbling my nails!!

Soo I tried this for the first time last week, I apologize for the mess! For some the nail polish on top of the  water was a bit too thick & i couldn't make a proper pattern but for some others it worked perfectly! I like how they don't all look the same :)
I went by this video & used the same sort of colours because I just love pink!
And now for the pics (again I apologize for the different sized nails!)

1st Pic- Left Hand. Sorry for the chip in the thumb nail, it shows the sad fate of where my nail feels like breaking :P
2nd Pic- Right Hand
3rd Pic- left hand again
Last Pic- Natural Light. Bad attempt to hide the chipping lol